America - Fiji Golf Club Schedule - 2018

Date  Time Venue Sponser Cost  Starting Tee Box
Feb 24th 10:30am Bartley Cavanaugh   $50.00  
Mar 24th  8:30am Blue Rock Viren/ESS-Group $65.00  
Apr 21nd 10:30am Metropolitan   $67.00  
May 19th 8:00am Crystal Springs Joe Mar $75.00  
Jun 29th 8:00am Monarch Bay,
Fiji Festival
ICE $80.00  
Jul 14th 10:00am Sky West Hayward Boys $65.00  
Aug 11th 10:30am Shoreline   $65.00  
Sep 8th 1:00pm Tilden Union City Boys $65.00  
Oct 27th & 28th
(2 Days)
10:00am Foxtail - Santa Rosa,
North & South Courses
Nov 17th 10:00am Lake Chabot      
Club Championship

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change with 30 days notice